E-mail Management

Exponentially faster, higher inbox deliverability. Sender ID, DomainKeys, etc. to nearly guarantee delivery. Respect major email service providers 'send to' rules to further ensure deliverability.

E-mail Management  Predefined workflows to manage incoming email and webform enquiries.
E-mail Management  Contains triggers to automate email routing and monitoring.
E-mail Management  Point-n-click Dynamic Content Message Assembly.
E-mail Management  Intelligent parsing of the content of all queries. 
E-mail Management  Ability to send auto-responses and recommend responses to agents.
E-mail Management  Authentication standards with Sender ID, Domain Keys, DKIM and more.
E-mail Management  Event/Trigger Based Emails.
E-mail Management  Tracking of all customer queries.
E-mail Management  Comprehensive analytics and real-time alarms for operational performance management.
E-mail Management  To authenticate the customer before allowing the viewing of confidential information.
E-mail Management  Full-featured, easy to use, scalable outbound email solution.